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Inkjet printing is used in many industries. It is characterized by rich and colorful, fast manufacturing process, image sun resistance, and good performance, which brings a prosperous prospect to the advertising industry. However, there are also some
How can the colored flag production be more in line with the corporate image? Banner customization can only attract the interest and attention of enterprises if it conforms to the image of enterprises. Therefore, for the flag making industry, how to
The industry of flag making is an unpopular industry. The best market for flags is actually for export. Because China is the production place of flag raw materials, coupled with cheap labor, most countries' flags are imported from China, such as
Quick Details Place of Origin:ZheJiang, China Brand Name:JinTeng Model Number:CF-1001 Flags Banners Material:Polyester Color printing for Graphics:4 color Usage Scenarios:Wedding Favors Bridal Party Gifts, Back to School / Graduation, Thank You Gifts
The height of the flagpole is generally divided into 14 meters, 16 meters and 18 meters. The height of the flagpole and the height of the building are generally visually appropriate. At present, domestic enterprises generally have three flagpoles, wh
When customizing flags, the message conveyed by color has a great impact on us. In daily life, food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment are closely related to color. Now people pay more attention to color matching. How to use color t
On March 14, local time, China Railway Construction Won the bid for the franchise project of Cokimbo Hospital in Chile, which is the largest single franchise medical project won by a Chinese enterprise in Chile. The project is located in Coquimbo cit
Bunting generally refers to the type of flag used to string many small flags with the same or different contents. Bunting can be advertising flags, national flags or cloth with different colors. Bunting is also known as: small hanging flag, triangle
The team flag generally refers to the leader flag used for outdoor activities, mainly including the team flag used for camping, outdoor expansion, travel, public welfare activities, volunteer activities, etc; The content of the flag can be a slogan,
What are the flag materials? Shanghai Yingfeng flag factory Tel. (wechat): 15900759720 qq491426366 Commonly used Flag materials mainly include: 1. High end flag hanging materials include: Matte Satin (standing), thickened warp knitted fabric (standin

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